Plastic raincoats and things to know

1.Types of plastic brands:

  •  Rang Dong PVC raincoat: on the fabric surface is printed embossed RD. (Most chosen plastic brand)
  •  PVC raincoat Hue Linh: on the fabric is printed HL embossed.
  • PVC raincoat Tan Phu: on the fabric surface is printed embossed TP.
  •  PVC raincoat Phu Lam: on the fabric is printed embossed PL.
  •  Other processed plastics: on the surface of the fabric, nothing is printed, there may be many different patterns.

2.Raincoat fabrics

  • Plastic: Clear plastic fabric, transparent white color.
  • Plastic: The fabric is not see-through.
  • Two-skin plastic fabric: 2-sided plastic fabric inside and out has 2 different colors. 
  •  Textured fabric: many colors, textured

3.Thickness of the resins.

  • Transparent plastic: 0.11 ,0.12, 0.15, 0.22
  • Colored plastic: 0.11, 0.12, 0.15, 0.17
  • Dual skin plastic: 0.17

Above are some main plastic materials for the production of raincoats, the better the material, the more beautiful the cost will be. Hope you were able to choose for yourself the raincoat material that is suitable for your budget. of your own business.

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